Welcome to Wamberal Beach.  For those not familiar with the area, our beach goes from Terrigal Lagoon (south) right up to the Spoon Bay headland (north).  It is an area of approximately 3 kilometers.  Wamberal Beach is an extremely dangerous beach as it is open to both the southerly and northerly swells.  Please do not swim anywhere other than between the two red and yellow flags which are generally positioned near the surf club.

In the event that you do not see any red and yellow flags on the beach…the beach is closed and is not patrolled.

If you get into trouble in the water, do not panic and try and raise your arm to alert fellow swimmers, board riders, lifeguards of lifesavers.  If you are caught in a rip, do not swim against the current.  Either allow yourself to be taken out to sea where there are no waves and you can be rescued or swim across the current to the sandbar.

If you are unsure of the surf conditions, please come and ask a Lifesaver of Council Life Guard.

Wamberal beach is NOT patrolled from 1st of May 2018  to the 1st weekend in October. 

In the event that you observed someone in trouble in the water, ring triple 0.

Here is a link which will provide you with safety information.